Always Engineering A Better Future

We engineer solutions that help people, help others!

What We Do

Feasibility Studies

Whether you just had an idea for a product design or have been dreaming one up for years, together Capsules Corp will help you explore how to bring it into reality!

Engineering Design

Got a sketch? Bring it into CAD and get everything needed for analysis, prototyping and manufacturing.


Got a design? Let's build it! Start with a mock up or go straight to a production prototype. Pick the materials and we're off to the races.

Engineering Analysis

Have a design, but need the numbers? We can help you optimize based on the needs and requirements of your specific application.

Quality Assurance Testing

Push your design to the limit and beyond. Failure mode analysis through experimental data and more.

Product Development

From conceptual design to prototype to mass production, we have your back every step of the way.